Cintra Wilson No Longer a Critical Shopper for the Times


Cintra Wilson did not pen today's "Critical Shopper" column in the Times. According to Racked, she won't be writing any more of those, either. Sources tell the blog that section "is now reserved for Times staffers only — no freelancers allowed." Wilson, a freelancer, gave the paper a bit of a headache with her JCPenney review, in which she called the store's mannequins "obese" and lamented not being able to find a size 2 on the racks for herself. But she weathered the backlash and went on to bring us thoughtful commentary on the scary jackets at Lilly Pulitzer and saving money at Isabel Marant by shopping for the same sorts of things at the Army/Navy surplus store instead. She was so honest and made shopping so deep and delightfully complicated! We'll miss her.

Confirmed: Contra Wilson Says Goodbye to Critical Shopper [Racked NY]