Courtney Love Claims She Had an Affair With Kate Moss


Another day, another Courtney Love–affair claim. Recently it was Gavin Rossdale, and now it's Kate Moss! Love had been saying for a while that she had an affair with a supermodel in the nineties and now, the developing information:

"It was Kate Moss. She doesn't care," Love told Irish magazine Hot Press. "It's a great story for the grandchildren so . . . yeah. Kate wasn't doing a lot of drugs. It was just a thing that happened in Milan in the Nineties. It happened and it was fun and whatever. And she talks about it and so I hope she doesn't get mad that I outed her about it ... I feel like such a kiss and tell ... Kate's great, though! Kate's a good friend of mine. I almost bought Kate's house in St. John's Wood."

Of course she wouldn't care. She wears her rompers backward! British Vogue continues, "Moss has not yet released a statement about the allegations," like they view having an affair with Courtney Love as some sort of criminal act.

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