Donna Karan’s Neighbor Tries to Come Between Her and Liquor License, Bothersome Parties


Donna Karan wants to obtain a liquor license for her West Village Urban Zen Center, which is adjacent to her studio at 711 Greenwich Street. Her application for the license (which hasn't yet been submitted to the State Liquor Authority) is on tonight's Community Board 2 agenda. Possibly standing in Karan's way: a neighbor who's worried about the potential noise disturbance. The neighbor in question sent an e-mail to students at NYU's Stern Business School asking them to help rally against the license at tonight's meeting.

From the e-mail:

I need some help. Donna Karan, the fashion designer, has a studio next door to my apartment. She wants to get a liquor license for her studio so she can have parties there and bother my family. I am hoping that as many of you as possible would be willing to come with me to a community board meeting tonight to sit down, look angry at Donna's lawyers, and clap when my side makes an argument. In exchange for your loyalty, you will get vouchers for beer or liquor (ironically) and pizza... The pizza and beer vouchers are redeemable at my apartment at some date this summer or fall. At a minimum, I hope the whole affair will be theatrical and a bit funny.

Many parties have been held at Karan's studio in the past; they haven't been particularly raucous. But no matter what happens, if the author of this e-mail rallies enough support tonight, maybe he can lash back at Donna with a drunken, noisy voucher party of his own.