Fug Girls: The Ten Most Wonderfully Weird Ensembles at the Met Gala


The reason we look forward to the Met Ball above all other star-studded events (yes, including the Oscars) is simple: It's the only night that celebrities feel brave enough to turn their sartorial efforts up to eleven, either because of the high-fashion guest list, the Gala's often evocatively nutty themes, or both. But this year's exhibit — American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity — while surely worthwhile, didn't seem likely to inspire the same crazy get-ups as, say, the year they decided to focus on superheroes. Would something so vague quash the urge to don a brave, outlandish, or downright insane outfit, we wondered? We're thrilled to tell you it didn't, and in fact, if these are contenders for our national identities, then you better get cracking on outfitting your clothes with their own electrical plugs. Yes, you read that right. Please click through to see who lit up the room — literally — and find out if your favorite made our list of the ten most wonderfully weird ensembles. (To see our complete Met Gala red carpet slideshow with all 102 looks, click here.)