Iman Thinks Actresses Are Getting Too Skinny


"I’m so for it. Are you kidding me?" model Iman said of the plus-size movement in modeling at Harper’s Bazaar's dinner for Tate Britain artists last night. "I think the fashion industry has been just walking around it and they do maybe one issue out of the year called 'the Body Issue.'" She continued, "I think not only fashion models, I think a lot of people, especially in the media, actresses as well, they’re getting a little bit too skinny and a little bit scary. And not pretty. That’s the thing — I don’t know why anybody doesn’t want to look pretty. It doesn’t look good."

Though the dearth of black plus-size models has been a topic of Internet debate lately, Iman thinks black models of all sizes are still underused. "We saw the black issue that Steven Meisel did with Italian Vogue. But I hope that that’s not just a onetime issue," she said. "But Vogue Italia has now on their website — they have the new black faces and they celebrate new black models, so they’re really taking it to heart, Italian Vogue. And the thing is, Italy doesn’t have that many blacks, so it should really happen here. It should happen locally, but it should also happen organically, because I don’t want to force-feed a designer because they have whatever their theme is. But they should also not discriminate. So I think it’s better than it was two years ago."