John Galliano Will Play Himself in a Film About Isabella Blow


André Leon Talley blogged in great detail about all his fabulous schmoozings at Naomi Campbell's 40th-birthday celebration in Cannes, where Grace Jones performed. Talley discovered in talking to milliner Philip Treacy that John Galliano, who attended wearing a "vest and huge Mad Hatter top hat," will appear in a film about Isabella Blow's life.

I caught Treacy, in an Alexander McQueen smoking with a black shawl collar spliced with gold lamé, to thank him for all those gorgeous Grace Jones hats. We had not hugged since Isabella Blow’s funeral three years ago, and he shared fabulous news: He has a producer to do a film on Isabella, and Galliano has already confirmed to play himself. Who will play Isabella? Treacy has a great trick up his hat, and it’s going to rock the world, but he cannot reveal it until this major new talent confirms.

We wouldn't want to see Galliano play any character in any film other than the one he already is.

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