Lady Gaga Looks Like Mr. Burns As a Vampire in the ‘Alejandro’ Video


This is a still from Lady Gaga's next video for "Alejandro," the corny song off her last album where she fakes a Spanish accent. Steven Klein is directing the video, which, based on this still, has already earned comparisons to a recent Lara Stone editorial from W. We just thought she looked like a clown, but literally this time. Maybe a clown in a scuba suit. But then Shop-A-Matic editor Diana Tsui pinpointed what must have been her absolute exact inspiration.

She is totally channeling Mr. Burns from that episode where he played a vampire. And with that she finds herself in the same predicament most cartoon characters find themselves in, which was detailed in an old episode of South Park: The Simpsons really has done everything first.

Lol Steven Klein [Fashin]
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