Naomi Campbell Demonstrates What Happens When People Have Too Many Clothes


The outfit Naomi Campbell wore to the Vanity Fair party in Cannes reminds us of a conversation we had with a friend over lemonade in the park this weekend about the difference between looking trendy and looking like a victim. In this getup, Naomi Campbell looks less decked out than victim-ed out. But this is probably what happens when you shop all the time and look pretty all the time and have so many great clothes it feels like there's not an attractive fashion item you don't have. Eventually the weird things start looking attractive, and then the ugly things start looking attractive, and then the combination of all sorts of weird and ugly starts feeling like the right thing to go around in. The pants on their own and the top on its own would have been much less startling than the combination, which makes her look like a science experiment to see what effect mold would have on fiberglass insulation.

What Naomi Campbell Wore to the Vanity Fair Cannes Party [Racked]
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