Naomi Campbell on Oprah: ‘It’s Like We Don’t Have Feelings’


Naomi Campbell's Oprah segment aired today, and naturally Oprah didn't waste much time before probing into the model's intensely fascinating violent streak. Also naturally, Campbell denied recently hitting that camera when asked about a blood diamond. But perhaps her outbursts and cell-phone violence can be explained by the side of her that is neither glamazon nor international celebrity nor wrinkle- and fat-free just weeks before her 40th birthday, but human. Campbell, who confessed to O that she was nervous, explains what glamour is really like. "It can feel lonely. It can feel like you’re around a thousand people but you’re around no one at the same time," she said. "There are times where I don’t want to walk on a red carpet but I have to because I’m contracted to. It’s like we don’t have feelings, but we are — we’re humans, but it’s — I don’t know." That poor woman. So deep, yet so many burdens.