Out Does Christina Aguilera Right With an Ellen Von Unwerth Editorial


Christina Aguilera hasn't had the easiest time winning over audiences lately with her forced girl-on-girl miming routines, Lady Gaga trash talk, and praise of lubricated latex. Her recent grasps for attention don't feel like they've evolved from anything, but rather cracked open from an egg that the diva gods just dropped on us from the sky, like a bomb without a timer. But Out magazine handed Christina over to Ellen von Unwerth, who previously did fantastic things with Lady Gaga, for the June issue. And though Aguilera still looks ridiculous, it feels like she's finally grown into it. Ellen von Unwerth will do that to a girl, but maybe it also helps that she's rolling around in a wedding cake instead of trying to play a possessed robot in latex clothing. This just makes more sense somehow. Bravo, Out!

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