Robert Pattinson Cut His Hair; M.A.C. to Release Venomous Villains

A hairy Robert Pattinson.

• Robert Pattinson has gotten rid of his luscious, albeit greasy, locks. The Twilight actor has been spreading the rumor that he had to shave his head because of a lice infestation, but it's actually for his next movie, which starts shooting Thursday. [Just Jared]

• Ashton Kutcher has also experienced some hair loss for an upcoming role. After scenes with a chest-hair-free stunt double had been shot, the noticeably furrier Kutcher had to wax to keep the pecs consistent. [Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• M.A.C. is partnering with Disney to bring us the “Venomous Villains” collection, a new line consisting of lipstick, powder, lip gloss, and blush all featuring our favorite fairy-tale miscreants. [BellaSugar]

Glee star Heather Morris mixed two trends, pairing cat-eye liner and peachy tangerine lips for a bold look, at a Fox party earlier this week. [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

• Jade Jagger, Mick and Bianca’s jewelry-designing daughter, has been tasked with designing the new bottle for Guerlain’s classic fragrance, Shalimar. Due out in September, the new flask will be fan-shaped and have a “deep-navy leather tie on its neck." [StyleList]