Robbie Myers Says Elle Macpherson Is ‘Not Skinny’


Elle editor Robbie Myers is certainly racking up exposure. Not only does she appear more on this season of The City, but Erin Kaplan also landed her a spot on the Today show to discuss Elle's "Body" issue and curvy — or often more accurately "curvy" — models landing more work in fashion. "It’s fashion’s job to sort of reject what’s going on every six months or so," Myers says. “We’ve had the glamazons — the tall skinny models — for a really long time.” But hey, we still have tall skinny models. Those haven't gone anywhere — just look at any runway show.

Myers heralded Louis Vuitton and Prada for hiring Victoria's Secret models to walk their runway shows. Of the 47-year-old Elle Macpherson, who closed Louis Vuitton, Myers said, "She is not a skinny girl." Except she is skinny. She also offers a defense for Elle, which routinely shoots models Myers might actually consider skinny, explaining that we average chicks don't want to go out and buy things magazines sell if we see them on women who are like ourselves. Oh, right. That's because women's magazines make us feel bad about ourselves. But at least they think they're making progress.