‘Schitbag’ Possibly Worst Name for Purse Ever


A press release about the Schitbag — a fanny pack with a shoulder strap — went around this week. "'Schitbag' IS THE NEW STATUS PURSE: Hands-Free Designer Belt Bag Fascinates Hollywood" the headline screamed. The release went on to describe the bag as "high-fashion," "sophisticated," body-contouring, and "providing sensuous elegance." There is nothing sensuous or elegant about its name, the origins of which the release failed to explain. Lauren Sherman notes on Fashionista, "I don’t care how it’s actually pronounced (assuming it’s skit-bag), it sounds like shitbag." Well, you know what they say, if it looks like it, swims like it, and is one letter away from it ...

Would You Wear a Schitbag? Yeah, That’s Really What It’s Called. [Fashionista]