Sessilee Lopez’s French Vogue Documentary Helped Her Land a Numéro Cover


Last night at the launch of Jonathan Adler's collection for 7 for All Mankind, Sessilee Lopez told us she just shot a documentary for French Vogue. "It’s like a lifestyle type of thing during Fashion Week in Paris," she explained. "It opened up doors for me and I got a Numéro cover, which is really hard to get as a woman of color. I’m the third woman of color to grace the cover of Numéro, so I pat myself on the back." She had a tough time saying whether she was getting more runway work as well. "Well, that varies; whether you’re on the cover of Vogue today or yesterday, if designers want you, then they’ll cast you," she said. "But if you don’t fit the collection, no matter if you’re a supermodel or a new face, you won’t walk. It’s just politics."