Spanx: ‘On Top and In Control’


If women use Spanx to hide their figures, wouldn't just wearing a skintight top defeat that purpose? Nonetheless, Spanx just released a collection of tops that can be worn as shapewear under clothing or as clothing. The collection is named "On Top and In Control," which is not to be confused with a Cosmo cover line. The eight styles range from $68 to $118, and include a long-sleeve turtleneck, V-neck, and crewneck, a three-quarter-sleeve bateau-neck top, and four sleeveless designs.

Spanx plans to create more clothes in the future, surely more things for men. The company is already on top and in control of the mirdle market, it seems: Their men's compression undershirts are among the label's top ten best-sellers in its entire 200-product range. After selling out at Neiman Marcus within a week of launching the men's things there in March, the mirdles have accrued a six-week wait list on We're onto you, men.

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