Cardigans Singer Nina Persson Launches Capsule Collection High on Pregnancy Hormones


Cardigans lead singer Nina Persson might suggest trying to not get pregnant while creating your first fashion line. “It’s so typical that the launch happened right now. It was meant to have happened a few weeks ago, and I grew out of the clothes before we had the launch,” she said at the launch of her capsule collection with Swedish label HOPE at a party hosted by Project No. 8 (where the collection will be available exclusively, as well as at online retailer La Garçonne) at the Ace Hotel’s Liberty Hall. “This [dress] works. It’s pretty good maternity, and the only thing I can fit in still.” James Iha of Tinted Windows and the Smashing Pumpkins came by to wish the collection well, as did the Citizens Band, which played a set to close out the evening.

Persson performed a few songs herself, but spent most of the night showing off her collection of puff-sleeve dresses, mesh-trimmed skirts, and cardigans, naturally. Pregnancy wasn't about to slow her down. “This is almost like playing a regular show: You get really excited, the adrenaline pumping, and it’s really tough to wind down,” she said. “Today is one of the hardest days to not drink, actually. The good thing is that you’re pretty high on other weird hormones, so you get pretty excited anyway.”