The Japanese Flight Attendant With Some Downtime


Asako Itono was enjoying a coffee at Saturday's Surf NYC in Soho when our Look Book cameras spotted her. With her flouncy summer dress and wicker hat, she epitomized the classic “flight-attendant casual” look. Okay, that "look" may not yet exist in fashion terminology, but she is, in fact, a flight attendant here in the city who's in between shifts. She works for Emirates Airlines, and therefore must be based in Dubai, a city about which she has mixed feelings. “It’s good. It’s not fantastic, to be honest. But it’s … it’s different.” That day she’d been roaming Soho and Williamsburg in an all-Japanese number, complete with Chanel rings and a pair of Eiffel Tower earrings she made. So let’s review: born in Japan, living in Dubai, working on an airliner, running around New York — this chick is global. Click to watch!