Traders Abandon the Floor to Ogle Models on Wall Street


To celebrate going public, Express held a fashion show on Wall Street today, and traders were glad for an excuse to try and forget about foreign markets and focus on something that many of them are believed to care about only second to money: beautiful women! But that rap isn't totally fair, a Morgan Stanley employee who preferred anonymity, explained, "I think almost all straight guys across the board like dating models, not just traders." Another trader, Nicholas D., told us: "I think it's a stereotype that Wall Street guys like dating models." What's the truth then, Nick? "Models like dating Wall Street guys." Yeah, bro! High-fives all around. Actually, though, Nick was pretty cute, and he swore to us he's still "poor and young" since he "hasn't been in the game long enough." David D., an awesomely virile, Italian trader, added, "I would love to date a model," with some sadness. Meanwhile a young, pretty Express intern, who was handing out gift cards before the show, said she'd already been subjected to the advances of many a trader, before the show even began.

While the Wall Street guys pulled out their iPhones to snap shots of the models, tourists swarmed the other side of the catwalk with digital cameras. Alek Wek opened and closed the show with expected sass and grace. Near the famous Wall Street bull, a 75-foot Express billboard had been installed on the NYSE facade, featuring perfectly chiseled model Michael Camiloto enjoying the company of two women. (Gucci model Ryan Kennedy walked on Wall Street today, which surely pleased the ladies and the scattered gay traders.) The looks in today's show were pulled mainly from the brand's fall collections for men and women, which will hit stores in July. Express exec Bill Miller, flown in from the company's Ohio headquarters, told us that the brand has more exciting events in store: Mario Sorrenti is shooting Express's denim campaign this Tuesday, and Jessica Stam will be the face of the brand's upcoming fragrance.

The event marked the first time Wall Street's held a fashion show since Isaac Mizrahi used the block for his collection ten years ago. Our new trader friend Nick said that all the guys were very relieved for this special-edition, quasi-lunch break. "We're like caged animals in there. Of course we're glad to see beautiful girls," he said. "Plus, the market's down 200 points."