Video: Kelly ‘Not Pam Anderson’ Cutrone Discusses Killing Mice in New Internet Talk Show


Kelly Cutrone launched a new vlog with her buddy Justine Batemen called "Wake Up and Get Real." She explains that it's "a talk show that [expresses] the views that aren't on THE VIEW." Waking up and getting real to them means talking about — among other things like Mother's Day — vermin and the removal of vermin. While wearing sunglasses indoors. “I’m not Pam Anderson. I don’t wear fur, but I do kill mice because they’re in my fucking house and they don’t pay rent and they’re rodents and I want them to die," Kelly says, before letting loose her softer side. "The only way I haven’t been able to kill them is manually. I can’t kill them myself. I have to third-party kill, like a trap. I can’t two-party direct kill." See more from that episode in the video, and watch Justine remove gophers from her lawn in this one.

Wake Up and Get Real [via HuffPo]