A Downside to Summer: The Vera Bradley–Bag Onslaught


Is it true that summer is the time when more Vera Bradley bags can be seen on the streets of New York than any other season? The New York Post says so in its random ode to the Vera Bradley bag, which the paper reports can be seen in droves at the beginning and end of a summer weekend, as allegedly stylish women stuff their allegedly stylish clothes inside the quilted floral monstrosities and sling them over their shoulders as they depart for and return from their beach jaunts. This seems to us like just another reason to avoid the weekend trips, but then again, the Vera Bradley bag has never been one of our favorite things. The problem is how, outside of a grandmother's country cottage, it ruins the scenery. Everything's normal in your line of vision, and then all of a sudden you notice someone brought a little piece of their grandmother's bedspread onto the subway — or into the bar, or onto the street, or wherever in public they may be — and then you realize that it's not an oversize, extra-fancy neck pillow, but something someone saw fit to pair with an outfit probably involving flats with a decorative metal plate on the toe. So the Vera Bradley bag is not for us (there are so many other weekend bags you can use), but do disagree if you'd like, in the comments.

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