A Sarcastic Moment With Bee Shaffer and Her Boyfriend, Jake Hurwitz


Bee Shaffer attended the Webby Awards this week to support her boyfriend, Jake Hurwitz, who won an award for his acting work on CollegeHumor.com, where Bee is an assistant. “We met at work,” Hurwitz happily divulged outside Cipriani Wall Street after the ceremony. The nerdy-cute master of potty humor explained that he wooed Anna Wintour’s striking daughter with his social-networking prowess. "I flirted with her by making a fake Twitter for, like, some Jersey Shore thing," he said, referring to an unnamed Shore castmate. "Guidette," Shaffer piped in, doubling over in laughter. Is she really on Twitter? "This is how we met!" she insisted. "Bee is a huge nerd," Hurwitz added, sarcastically. "She’s been tweeting nonstop."

A Vogue spokesman later confirmed that Shaffer is not on Twitter, and any Bee Shaffer accounts like this one are fake. (The couple's acting skills must be applauded, since they were convincing enough for us to decide to confirm their sarcasm with a third party.) Hurwitz even went so far as to pretend to agree to our suggestion that the couple appear in a web video together: "Look for it at YouTube.com/JakeandBee." Still in stitches, Shaffer dashed our hopes. "I wouldn’t expect to see this in the near future," she said, seriously.