Tambourine Player Abbey Lee Kershaw Draws the Cover Art for Her Indie-Rocker Boyfriend’s Album


Abbey Lee Kershaw took the stage last night at Piano's alongside Our Mountain, the currently unsigned indie-rock band in which her boyfriend, Matthew Hutchinson, is the lead singer. While Hutchinson screamed and danced — often jumping offstage to interact with the decent-size audience — Kershaw was crouched down on the side of the stage, wearing tight jeans and an enormous white button-up, chalk sketching on an artist's pad with fervor. She didn't play tambourine, as advertised, until about halfway through the set; but when she did, in all sincerity, boy can that girl play tambourine while casually dancing. Like, we weren't previously aware that anyone could make tambourine playing while casually dancing look as effortlessly awesome — and somehow almost vital to the whole performance — as this girl. With her stylishly wild mane of hair, she just sort of nodded her head, moved her small hips, and hit the instrument in beat with the band. It was adorable.

After the show, Kershaw was caked in red chalk from her sketching, and she told us she always tries to sketch while her man plays live. The artwork she shyly showed us was a sort of abstract and raw sketch of nothing in particular, looking something like this. We weren't allowed to photograph the work, however, because Our Mountain plans to use it for their upcoming album cover. Kershaw seemed tired from her trancelike drawing and sexy tambourine playing and, endearingly, before walking away asked us, "How's my hair?" Obviously, it was perfectly distressed.