Agyness Deyn’s Online Magazine Launched


Agyness Deyn launched an online magazine over the weekend with her friend Fiona Byrne. It's called NAAG, and the name not only describes the effect of its two "A"s, but, Deyn explained at Fashion Week in February, is a combination of the last two letters of Fiona's name and the first two letters of her name. Byrne — who is editor-in-chief, while Deyn is creative director — seems to have written most of the content currently on the site, like this post about doughnuts that have delicious cream in the middle (curves are in, they say), and this post about how great $70 straight-leg Gap jeans are. And for those with more rarified tastes, also recommends this $3,075 Hermès watch. Where the site truly succeeds, however, is with its fashion shoot. Magazines — print and online — don't typically do shoots just for the Internet. It was the one thing print editors still had over Internet fashion writers, though arguably increasingly less so with the rising popularity of personal-style bloggers like Tavi and Sea of Shoes. Deyn and Byrne shall prove that people with printed pages aren't the only ones who can dress girls in weird outfits, make them lie down on basketball courts, and take their picture.

NAAG [Official site]
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