Anna Wintour Replaced Patrick O’Connell With Megan Salt

Megan Salt (right) with Alexis Morgan Bryan, who is now Elle's fashion director and a semi-character on The City. Now that they're at rival publications, they obviously can't be friends anymore.

Vogue's public-relations chief, Patrick O'Connell, announced this week that he would step down from Vogue for "a personal change" as soon as Anna Wintour found a replacement. Not one to let positions go unfilled and things feel uncertain for more than a few hours, she's already named Megan Salt the new director of public relations. Salt started at Vogue last year working as special-events consultant on Fashion's Night Out and has been freelancing for the magazine since. Now she gets to act as Vogue's head of PR and helm the organization of Fashion's Night Out, which sounds like a monstrous amount of work. But congrats and best of luck, Megan! Salt already reminds us of Angelina Jolie jumping from speeding freight truck to speeding freight truck on the highway, which can't be a bad thing. Hopefully Fashion's Night Out won't come to that this year.