Best Bet: Erica Weiner’s Perfumed Locket


In a sweet new collaboration, jewelry designer Erica Weiner and perfumer D.S. & Durga have modernized a throwback Victorian trend: vinaigrette necklaces, originally filled with smelling salts or vinegar to revive a swooning woman. The lockets come with tiny swaths of linen and two drams of perfume; the laser-cut cover is perforated to allow a subtle scent to waft through. Each set includes miniature vials of Foxhunt — a fresh blend of country herbs and wildflowers — and Empress Jingu, with notes of cypress and violet. Just add a few drops to the linen within when the scent begins to fade. With its filigree detailing, the gunmetal locket makes a pretty accent with or without the fragrance.

Perfume Locket Necklace, $125 at