Britain’s Next Top Model Judge Julien MacDonald: ‘If You’re a Size 14 in a Room Full of Size Eights — You’re in the Wrong Room’

MacDonald with one of his preferred skinny models.

Designer Julien MacDonald is a new judge on Britain's Next Top Model, which will soon premiere in the U.K. with Elle Macpherson as its new host. MacDonald is hyping the show by panning plus-size models, proving that not everyone in fashion is keen on curves these days. "There were no plus-size models," he said of the new season. "This is a serious show." Julien, the ex-creative director of Givenchy, added, "You can’t have a plus size girl winning — it makes it a joke."

Tyra Banks, who gave plus-size model Whitney Thompson the grand prize in this country some seasons back, might disagree. However, MacDonald implied that with a new format and Macpherson hosting the show, Britain's Next Top Model is undergoing a high-fashion makeover not unlike that of Banks's U.S. show, which is now sponsored by Italian Vogue.

MacDonald also said of plus-size girls:

“It’s not fair on them — you’re setting them up for a fall — I know what would happen to them afterwards,” he said.

“They are looked down on, they’re frowned upon. A catwalk model is a size six to eight.

“If you’re a size 14 in a room full of size eights — you’re in the wrong room.”

Sounds like his contestants are set to feel really great about themselves!

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