Chanel Makes $20 Cotton Pads; Rachel Weisz Rocks a Mulletlike Updo

• In a retro-chic editorial for Italian Vogue's June issue, Sedene Blake and Ayan Elmi sport silvery lids and muted mouths, courtesy of makeup artist Stephen Dimmick. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Chanel’s limited-edition cotton pads cost $20. What makes them so different from our Duane Reade standbys? The interlocking Cs, of course! [Blogdorf Goodman]

• Rachel Weisz walked the red carpet sporting a hairstyle that was sleek in front, and textured and rough in the back. The mullet of updos, if you will. [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

• Jo Malone’s latest fragrance, English Pear & Freesia, was inspired by John Keats’s ode “To Autumn.” [WWD]

• In other highbrow fragrance news, London’s Victoria & Albert Museum is commissioning scents to complement its exhibitions. [BellaSugar]