Check Out the Bathing Suits Lorenzo Martone Designed With Jules Kim


In February we learned that Lorenzo Martone would enter the glorious world of slash careers by starting a swimsuit line with Bijules jewelry designer Jules Kim. Images of a few styles, designed by both Martone and Kim, have been released. Though Martone is from Brazil, where people appreciate swimsuits so much they don't take a beach vacation without bringing four options with them, this line was inspired by Manhattan. Hence the name, Nycked, which has "NYC" in it and is pronounced "Nicked" not "Nekkid," as you might suspect. Prices range from $120 to $130 for suits, while cover-ups go up to $210. Martone and Kim will show the line to retailers at Miami Swim Fashion Week in July, and hope to get picked up by Saks and Neiman Marcus.

Though the line is trendy, it's also practical!

“There are only sequins on the front of this bikini bottom, and not the back, so that it’s more comfortable to sit on at the edge of a pool,” Kim said.

Snorkel away, friends. Just don't let the barracuda munch on your bust bow.

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