Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Thinks Models ‘Don’t Need Any Special Skills’


During today’s appearance on Rachael Ray's talk show, Cindy Crawford said that her 8-year-old daughter Kaia wants to be a dancer, singer, or teacher when she grows up. “But she [also] said something really funny. She’s like, ‘But maybe I’ll model first, because you don’t need any special skills,’” recalled Crawford, laughing. Ray made an oh-no-she-didn’t face, but the supermodel wasn't about to get offended. “She’s kind of right. I mean, you do have to go to school for other stuff,” she said, then added that she plans to keep her daughter off the catwalk for the time being.

In other news, Crawford says she works hard to set a good example for Kaia’s body image: “She sees me exercising, she sees me eating healthy. But if we go out for ice cream, I make sure I order ice cream, because I don’t want her to think, ‘Oh gosh, being a woman really stinks, because you don’t get ice cream,'" she said. “[But] you know, I get, like, the baby cone.” Oh, the sacrifices of motherhood!