Crocs May Be Ugly, But They Saved an Adorable 3-Year-Old Boy’s Life


Harley Sutton-Dorner, 3, was electrocuted in a swimming pool changing room when he picked up a hairdryer attached to a faulty plug. His mother watched as a blue bolt of electricity shot down his arm and out his side. The traumatic event left a burn about the size of a five-pence piece on little Harley’s side. But if it wasn’t for his shoes — Crocs — he might have died. His mother explained:

"The paramedic said he was really lucky he was wearing Crocs shoes at the time as they stopped the electricity going through his legs and coming out of his feet and probably saved him from serious injury."

This does not excuse the fashion crime of wearing Crocs for Michelle Obama, Heidi Klum, and the many others who have committed it, since they probably didn't wear them to prevent death by hairdryers in changing rooms. However, this does redeem Crocs their existence. Uggs have some catching up to do.

Boy saved by Croc shoes after electric shock [Telegraph UK]