Cynthia Rowley Is Showing Her Resort Collection in a Van Down by the Curb


Anna Wintour reportedly requested a more robust resort-show calendar this year, but going to shows twice a year for Fashion Week is pain enough. Elle editor Robbie Myers complained about having to go to so many resort shows this season.

Cynthia Rowley wants to save editors the effort of getting into a vehicle and actually transporting themselves to a different address to view her 2011 resort clothes. On Tuesday, she'll be packing eight models into a van and driving them to the three buildings that house the bulk of publishing's most major editors — Condé Nast at 1 p.m., Hearst at 3 p.m., and Time Inc. at 5 p.m. The models will get out and do little curbside fashion shows for the editors that can manage to get from their desks down to the sidewalk, where Rowley will also provide refreshments. It's a very clever idea. But while editors enjoy convenience, they may enjoy it less at the cost of exclusivity. On the street, any average person can see the new clothes for the first time along with them.