Designers Supposedly Banned Lindsay Lohan From Borrowing Clothes [Updated]

She looks so smug because she knows that in that outfit we can't not pay attention to her, despite our best efforts.

Rumor has it Lindsay Lohan wasn't supposed to wear the sparkly jumpsuit she wore to the MTV Movie Awards this week. Its designer, Pamella Roland, has reportedly banned her from borrowing clothing, along with other labels (she can purchase things from those who have banned her, however). The jumpsuit was reportedly intended for Katy Perry, but she decided not to wear it, so Lohan somehow got her hands on it. We don't believe that story, though. We would think Pamella Roland would be glad to see the getup photographed on anyone leaving the house, and probably all the Real Housewives were staying in that night. [E!]

Update: A rep from Pamella Roland tells us these rumors are "inaccurate," and they did in fact loan the jumpsuit to Lindsay Lohan's stylist. So if she's banned from borrowing, it's certainly not from them.