Full Figured Fashion Week Expands


Full Figured Fashion Week is currently in its second year in Manhattan. The four-day event, which began Wednesday, includes fashion shows, panel discussions, and runway-model competition. This year's event boasts 35 sponsors, up from 7 last year, while runway shows are drawing crowds of around 300. Full Figured Fashion Week also has reality stars! America's Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson is receiving an award this year, which she will accept personally at tomorrow's award ceremony. The finale runway show will also include designs by ex–Project Runway contestant Qristyl Frazier. If you want to see them in action, too bad, because the finale events are sold out. It's a shame Full Figured Fashion Week has to be so separate from New York's main Fashion Week. It's also too bad the main Fashion Week doesn't have model competitions or fun award ceremonies and a vibe that's not life-or-death.

Full Figured Fashion Week [Official site]