Gemma Ward Said to Have Been Cast in Pirates of the Caribbean 4


Months ago, reports about the future of Gemma Ward's career — accompanied by somewhat rude speculation about what effect her weight gain had on it — differed. She said in November that she planned to return to modeling and continue acting this year. But then a source at her agency told Page Six Magazine in February, "Her moment's over. She's not coming back." Months later, and no word about her return to fashion, but she may get to try her hand at wearing a fishtail and glittery shell bra! Sources report hearing the maybe-on-hiatus model has been cast in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 as a talking mermaid, suggesting the moment of the mermaid hasn't quite passed. If she becomes a mermaid, there will be no point in returning to modeling — nothing is better than being a mermaid!! That's every little girl's fantasy.

Gemma Ward proves her moment is far from "over" by snagging a role in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 [Frockwriter]