If You Can’t Get Into the World Cup, Maybe You Can Get Into Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Underwear Ads


discoamz: So ... did you see certified World Cup hottie Cristiano Ronaldo's new Armani ads? Season number two!

dianashreds: Hahahahah

dianashreds: God. But the underwear ... I just don't know.

discoamz: Oh. You're right.

discoamz: I didn't notice the underwear!

dianashreds: HAHAHA

discoamz: hahahahaha

dianashreds: What does that say about me?

discoamz: Or me.

dianashreds: There's no good answer to that.

discoamz: Watch more soccer?

dianashreds: The second picture—

dianashreds: Hellooooo.

discoamz: *fanning self with laundry*