JWOWW’s Filthy Couture Clothing Line Will Be ‘Sexy Classy,’ Not ‘Porn-Star Sexy’


JWOWW wore a piece from her own clothing line, Filthy Couture, to the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. The pink lace dress was encrusted with 1,000 crystals from Swarovski, the same classy company that sponsors the CFDA awards and tons of other posh fashion events. It's unclear whether the crystals were necessary to add heft to the fabric, which miraculously contained her breasts by forcing them skyward toward her chin in a feat of physics instead of allowing them to split her frock in two down to her navel.

She says Filthy Couture is "sexy gothic" and will bow in July. It includes jeans, tees, and bathing suits in addition to dresses. JWOWW told People StyleWatch:

“I keep it sexy classy. I won’t go to porn star sexy. I won’t go that far.”

And we won't go so far as to call JWOWW a designer, but a breast-physics expert? Most definitely.

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