Lady Gaga Becomes a Victim of a Dangerous Shoe-Cape Getup


Lady Gaga's latest plane outfit consisted of a cape, chaps, a bandanna, and twelve-inch platforms. It made a victim out of her in more than one way. Not only was it even more desperate — "victimed out" as one fashion-editor friend puts it — than she usually looks, since the shoes were that much taller and she wore them to the airport with a bandanna, like she didn't have enough time to find the exact right sculpture crafted from shrimp tails to weave into her hair. But she also fell down — on her hands and knees, really quite the kersplat — because of it. For a woman who can wield a sparkler bra without burning her eyelashes off, this is quite a disappointing performance.

Lady Gaga comes a cropper in platform fetish boots [Grazia]