Michelle Obama Wore a Bright-Orange Hillary-ish Suit!


If the mango pantsuit Hillary Clinton wore to the Democratic National Convention in 2008 can be viewed almost as an "eff you" to everyone who sneered at all the matchy-matchy brightly colored suits she's favored over the years, what are we to make of the new bright-orange pantsuit Michelle Obama wore to speak at a Women's Bureau event at the Department of Labor on Friday? She went above and beyond the brightness precedent set by Hillary, and paired her eye-piercing papaya pantsuit with a matching papaya flower brooch and matching papaya shoes. She even seems to have papaya lipstick on. The good thing about this color, aside from how much it will make you stand out, is that papaya Odwalla oughtn't stain if your intern dribbles on you. But we tend to like our papaya clothing like we like our papaya fruit — a chunk or two on a fruit platter and we're ready to move on to pineapple. It's just not the kind of thing we buy at the grocery store, bring home, chunk up, and eat by itself all at once. But what say you?

Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and The Orange Pantsuit: Who wore it better? Should you try it? [Gather]