New From Milan Men’s Fashion Week: Prada, Calvin Klein, and Vivienne Westwood


Where Vivienne Westwood goes, spectacle (and brilliant weirdness) follows. Just check out this video of her menswear show, wherein the models practically dance — and in one instance, skateboard — down the runway, wearing bow ties, plaid pants, suspenders, ascots, and galaxy prints.

On the slightly more subdued side, Prada showcased a few scrubs-like tops and oversize fanny packs, loads of loud orange, and some very funky bull's-eye sweaters.

Plus, crop tops for men are in again! So says Calvin Klein, anyway, whose 42-look collection included five of the half-shirts, not to mention some seriously wow ball huggers and a bevy of sharp, geometrically patterned suits. (Witness the crop tops in video action here.)