New Resort Collections: Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Zac Posen, DKNY, and Tory Burch


Stella McCartney, who last week explained why she loathes the word "resort," put together quite a striking resort — er, "spring" — collection for 2011, packed with jumbo florals, T-neck collars, pronounced shoulders, and an insane amount of lace. Tory Burch, meanwhile, covered every seasonal base, from swimsuits and micro-shorts to heavy-duty parkas. Boho-sweet netting and structured jackets abounded in Hanii Y, but it was a gotta-have-it minidress that stole the show. And though Jenni Kayne's thirteen-look collection may seem small by comparison, it makes a big impact with funky tubular belts and all-white getups.

Itching for more? Check out resort slideshows from DKNY, Zac Posen, Z Spoke, and Doo.Ri, as well as the spring/summer 2011 "pre-collection" from the incomparable Lanvin.