Rachel Zoe Does Not Have Time to Watch Kell on Earth


Rachel Zoe threw a preview party for her newest QVC collection last night at the Gramercy Park Hotel. “The line is all about everything that I’ve cultivated in my mind and wanted to share,” she said. "My mantra is accessible style and glamour."

Huh. We were pretty sure that it was either "Bananas!" or "I lit-er-ally die." But, no: “100 percent accessible style and glamour.” All of the pieces in Zoe’s QVC line — which includes sequin vests, faux chinchilla, and multi-chain necklaces — retail for less than $200. Zoe, ever the self-marketer, also handed out oversize, RZ-stamped sunglasses and black sequined RZ purses in the gift bags — a move we thought would've made fellow Bravo reality star Kelly Cutrone very happy.

As it turns out, Zoe has never even seen Cutrone's show. “No, [I didn’t watch Kell on Earth],” she said with a shrug. “I don’t have a lot of time for TV.”

Click through the slideshow to see product porn from Zoe's new line.