See-through ‘Lingerie’ Pants May Be Having a Moment


Lots of designers seemed to agree pants were not a good thing for stylish folk to wear this spring. But sort through all those booty shorts and fashion diapers and there were, in fact, some new pants to consider. Refinery 29 has noticed that plenty of these pants are sheer. See-through pants: the way to wear pants without really wearing pants! Here you see from left: sheer cover-up pants by Diane Von Furstenberg, see-through lingerie pants by Alexander Wang, and sheer pants on the spring Valentino runway. We kind of dig them (with shorts or a bathing suit underneath, only) because we imagine it would feel like wearing the I Dream of Jeannie costume we trick-or-treated in once, but without a coat over the top ruining it because Mom thought we'd be cold. But maybe we just like them because we look at too many clothes on the Internet.

Rad Or Bad? Would You Wear Sheer Pants? [Refinery 29]