Sex and the City 2 Blamed for Booming Speedo Sales in UK


U.K. retailers have experienced booming sales of skimpy male swimsuits: Sales are up 21 percent at Debenhams and have doubled at John Lewis, and British website Ciao has reported a 400 percent increase in online searches for Speedos in the past few months. What could possibly convince pasty, paunchy Brits to showcase their nether regions with such abandon?

Sex and the City 2, obviously — or so says the Telegraph, citing a scene where nine members of the Australian football team frolic poolside, bulges abounding. And you thought the most offensive part of the movie was Samantha tossing condoms around a Muslim marketplace! This Daily Mail opinion piece, which features more euphemisms for male body parts than we ever could have imagined (our fave: “Mummy Hamster and her two baby pups”), will hopefully curb the trend.