Simon Doonan Knows His Renaissance Codpieces


Simon Doonan is frustrated by our youth’s scant knowledge of Renaissance-era fashion. “Young people today are breathtakingly stupid," he told the Observer, before doing a little self-editing. "Let me rephrase that so it doesn't sound quite so horrid. Young people today are not stupid, they are bright and ambitious, but they are horribly cursed with a breathtakingly narrow frame of reference and would therefore have no knowledge of Thom [Browne]'s original source of inspiration and would therefore just think that TB was a crude bugger whose oeuvre was infused with horrifically priapic obsessions. In other words, young people today might be bright and ambitious but they would not know a Renaissance codpiece if it slapped them upside the head.” For the breathtakingly stupid among you, here's what a Renaissance codpiece looks like. Gwar wears 'em! [NYO]