House of Diehl’s New Sunglasses Are Gaga Lite for Artsy Types


House of Diehl, the interactive fashion/art collective behind Style Wars and that crazytown "Superstring Me" installation you see when you walk into Nordstrom Rack, has unveiled a line of handmade sunglasses that are two parts absurdism, one part questionable functionality. But hey! Seeing is overrated. Just ask Lady Gaga. And these cool-kid shades, which went on sale today and start at $49, have been painted, drilled, studded, dunked, crunked, and otherwise funked up in the name of wearable art. Betsey Johnson has already rocked a pair; we predict Gaga's little monsters (and maybe Patricia Field employees) will be the next to follow suit. Click through to see pics of the complete collection.