Tavi Doesn’t Believe That Nordstrom Didn’t Photoshop Model Tao Okamoto Thinner


Last week, among her posts as a guest blogger on Jezebel, 14-year-old Tavi Gevinson called out Nordstrom for seemingly Photoshopping model Tao Okamoto thinner. Her waist looks strikingly thin in an image of her modeling a Ralph Lauren polo shirt on the store's website. Nordstrom responded to the post on Twitter, saying, "Our policy is not 2 thicken or thin models. See original photo. We smoothed wrinkles, nipples & upped colr." They included the above before and after photo of Tao, but Tavi is still distrusting.

She writes:

I followed up with some Intense Scientific Research, using a process called Figuring Out Whether Or Not People Have Intestines. Consensus: They do! I do not buy your Tweet, Nordstrom. And I will not buy your polo, either.

Tao might just be that thin — it's not unheard of in fashion. The Cut's resident retouching expert noted that without the raw files it's impossible to say whether or not Nordstrom's before and after shots are honest, but noted that Tao's hips were smoothed in this after shot, too.

Nordstrom Denies Airbrushing Model's Waist [Jezebel]