The City Might Not Return for Another Season

We miss the awkwardness already!

Rumor has it that MTV has canceled The City, Fashionista reports, and that the current second season will be the show's last. However, a source close to the show tells us that a decision about renewing the show hasn't been made but that it's not likely it will return for a third season. MTV has been focusing on scripted shows and supposedly wants to see how the ratings for the rest of the season turn out before deciding The City's fate. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense, because The City IS scripted. And if MTV kills it, how will Elle stay on TV? How will Olivia — and Whitney and Roxy — stay famous? Kelly Cutrone will be totally fine and famous no matter what, but we like seeing her motherly mentoring side on the show, which doesn't quite shine through in the same way on Kell on Earth when her entire intern staff is annoying her, rather than just Roxy.