The New Forever 21 Attracts Seven Times As Many Visitors a Day As the Statue of Liberty


The new Forever 21 that opened last week in Times Square is more than the scariest store to have opened on the island of Manhattan since the "epic" Hollister descended on Soho. It is something the Hollister, despite the shirtless epicness it hires to stand outside, will never be: a municipal landmark. While the Statue of Liberty attracted a daily average of 14,000 people last July — a number bolstered by the reopening of the crown — the Forever 21 in Times Square expects to attract 100,000 visitors a day. The Statue and the store aren't that different, really. Both are plagued with lines, cramped spaces, floods of tourists, cheap knickknacks, and silent questions about the stamina of one's sanity. But sadly, Forever 21 isn't only accessible by boat or helicopter. Too bad the store and statue can't switch places.

For Tourists, Statue of Liberty is Nice, but no Forever 21 [Metropolis/WSJ]
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