Mickey Boardman Will Go Anywhere He’s Invited


This season’s busy resort-show schedule has added to Mickey Boardman’s general befuddlement about the fashion calendar. “I’m always so confused,” the Paper editor told us at yesterday’s Vera Wang resort show. “I never know if it’s fall or spring, and just to throw resort in, it’s such an added complication, and then pre-fall? There’s all these things, and honestly, I’m a knucklehead and never know what I’m looking at, or when it’s in stores or when it should be shot.”

In the end, Boardman makes it work. “I guess any excuse to see clothes is fun, but it’s hard. Two times a year is enough — I have whole days when I’m not even in the office because I’m going on appointments and resort things. But even people like Diesel, or companies that I don’t even know if they’re doing resort collections — if they say come, then I go.” And God forbid that he not be invited, because that’s far worse than being too busy. “It’s so overwhelming and there are so many things to see, and I think ugh, I hate it so much. But then if I see that there’s one I wasn’t invited to or that I just found out about and can’t go, then I get bitter.”