Video: Adriana Lima Isn’t Happy With Her Post-Baby Body Yet


As you've been enjoying your Victoria's Secret catalogues, something has felt off for almost years, hasn't it? Because a certain sexy Brazilian brunette who had a baby six months ago has been on maternity leave. But VS just started taking pictures of Adriana Lima in bras and panties again, so all those off feelings shall soon be righted. But Adriana does not feel quite right about her body yet. She admits she has been jumping rope and boxing to lose the post-baby weight, along with switching between juice cleanses and a high-protein diet — all those things Gisele didn't have to bother with. But Adriana tells E!, "I am not at the point where I am happy yet but I am working on it and soon I will be where I like to be." It is so saddening that even the world's most beautiful women always seem to feel this way. We thought Adriana looked outstanding in the fall 2010 Louis Vuitton show just how she was.